• We design off-the-beaten-track routes and museum experiences, encompassing team-building activities, private excursions, games, and quizzes, to immerse individuals and businesses in Bangkok's rich cultural heritage and Thai history, guiding them through it.

​We promote Bangkok's cultural heritage throught private excursions, team-building activities, games and quizzes.

Rock Around Bangkok aims to promote Bangkok's cultural heritage throught private excursions, team-building activities, games and quizzes.
As designers of cultural itineraries, we dedicate ourselves to promoting the cultural heritage of Bangkok, Rattanakosin, since its foundation in 1782. We believe that this saga truly begins with the fall of Ayutthaya and, consequently, with the foundation of the Kingdom of Thonburi in 1767.

The concept of "Rock Around" illustrates our desire to think outside the box and avoid tourist crowds, focusing instead on the treasures of Bangkok's cultural heritage. This heritage includes monuments, religious sites, museums, galleries, institutions, street food, themed bars and restaurants, communities, parks, and districts. Our approach is distinguished by a desire to tell stories, linking Bangkok's history to Thailand's more recent history.

Based on this historical and conceptual foundation, we develop and offer thematic itineraries (the "Rock Around" series), forming a coherent whole. We offer these as private tours or team-building sessions, during which we accompany our clients, be they travellers or businesses. The difference lies in the integration of games and quizzes to explore the cultural asset in question (one of the sites visited during the complete itinerary).

A thematic itinerary groups cultural assets which, assembled according to a specific logic, explain and reveal the historical dimension of the theme and its urban components. A cultural asset can be a museum, an art gallery, a cultural institution, a religious building, a park, a street, a monument, a strategic infrastructure, an environmental element, or a community.

In parallel, in a spirit of total improvisation, we offer custom private excursions. Based on our "Bangkok Cultural Heritage puzzle", which currently includes more than 200 pieces (the cultural assets we have carefully curated), clients choose their preferred themes. We then create their itinerary for the day during our meeting at their hotel. The possibilities are almost endless for those who wish to discover Bangkok's cultural heritage, truly off the beaten path, in a "Bangkok with a local insider" manner.
Rock Around Bangkok aims to promote Bangkok's cultural heritage throught private excursions, team-building activities, games and quizzes.

Bangkok possesses a rich and diverse cultural heritage to explore.

Over 200 cultural venues await you during your next visit to Bangkok, featuring museums, art galleries, cultural institutions, historic districts, creative night market, parks, and burgeoning contemporary art scene, all reflecting a rich national narrative.

We aim to promote Bangkok's cultural heritage by designing and organising culturally-oriented team-building activities, as well as culturally-oriented private excursions, enabling culture enthusiasts to discover the Thai capital through the prism of its cultural heritage.

We are your "local friend" in Bangkok, and we prioritize understanding what sparks your curiosity before leading you on a journey through the vibrant cultural tapestry of Thailand's capital.

The cultural days offered by Rock Around Bangkok are jam-packed. Whether you're passionate about art, crafts, history, traditions, or simply keen to learn more about Bangkok's cultural or hidden treasures, our Francophone and Anglophone local insiders are here to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.
Choose local art and museum insiders.

Choose local art and museum insiders.

Exploring Bangkok's museums, art galleries, historic districts, and quirky places with a French curator like Eric Monteil and his team of local insiders offers numerous benefits. Firstly, Thailand's culture and history are rich and complex: Eric and his team will provide valuable insights and historical context to significant events. Secondly, the language barrier and scarcity of narrative content in French and English can make understanding exhibitions challenging. Both Francophone and Anglophone-speaking local insiders with expertise in the subject will make the excursion smoother and more informative. Rock Around Bangkok's gang will share its passion and knowledge, anecdotes, unusual stories, secrets, as well as their local life experiences and interactions with locals that are not found in any tourist guide book. Welcome on board for an amazing cultural journey in Bangkok.

Tailor-made cultural tours and team-building.

Private cultural excursions and team-building.

The cultural excursions we organise are guided and tailor-made journeys through museums, art galleries, historic districts, and other quirky locations in Bangkok. This also holds true for our culturally-oriented team-building activities. For private excursions, we limit groups to 10 participants in order to enhance the depth of exploration and understanding of a subject, address questions, and facilitate more substantive discussions, rather than focusing on superficial aspects. This approach enriches the visitor's experience by providing targeted insights into artistic, cultural, historical, and societal perspectives, among other aspects. For our team-building operations, we limit the groups to 20 participants due to the nature of the targeted venues: museums, art galleries, historic monuments, etc. (Keeping silence or being quiet is greatly appreciated in such venues).

Over 50 museums in Bangkok await your visit.

Bangkok, the sprawling capital of Thailand, is renowned not only for its golden and historic temples, narrow bustling streets, redlight districts, skyscrapers, spicy dishes, street-food, and floating markets, but also for its eclectic museums, art galleries, and numerous other cultural venues that continually grow in number. These establishments form a bridge between the country's glorious past and its increasing modernity.

National Museum of Bangkok

Bangkok will fascinate you with the diversity of its thematic museums, which attest to a millennia-old national narrative and a culture that has managed to preserve its treasures.

The National Museum in Bangkok offers a fascinating glimpse into Thai history with its precious artefacts and beautifully preserved paintings. The Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) holds the largest private collection of contemporary Thai art, amassing nearly 1000 works across five floors. Meanwhile, the Siam Museum offers an innovative perspective on Thai culture through its interactive exhibits. For those wishing to delve into royal traditions, the Royal Barges Museum displays a fleet of finely sculpted ceremonial barges. With over 50 thematic museums open to the public, each tells its own story, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Thai richness and diversity. A visit to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without exploring these cultural treasures that captivate far beyond a mere glance.

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).
Bangkok Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

Bangkok also hosts a thriving contemporary art scene, with an increasing number of art galleries.

These art spaces offer a platform to both emerging and established artists, whether they are local or international, allowing them to showcase an array of thought-provoking works. From the esteemed cultural institution, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), to the Anchor of Arts & Antiques in the River City Building, as well as renowned art galleries and hidden art spaces tucked away in discreet alleyways, each venue provides a unique experience. These artistic spaces embody a captivating blend of Thai traditions and contemporary influences. For art enthusiasts and the curious alike, exploring Bangkok's art galleries means immersing oneself in the heart of the diversity and creativity of the current Bangkok artistic scene.

Bangkok Patpong Museum

Bangkok is certainly a city that harmoniously blends ancient traditions and modernity, promoting and embracing both traditional and contemporary arts.

In the heart of Bangkok, various cultural institutions showcase the country's rich history and artistic heritage. The Bangkok Grand Palace, with its majestic architecture, stands as the eternal symbol of Thai royalty. Nearby, the National Museum offers an in-depth insight into Thai history through its priceless collections. The Bangkok Art Centre, modern and cutting-edge, displays contemporary art exhibitions and offers interactive programmes. Traditional theatres, such as the Salachat Sombat, continue the art of classical drama and dance. These institutions, among many others, establish Bangkok as a pivotal cultural hub, reflecting the soul and identity of the Thai people.